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I originally came to see Dr. Schneider for low back pain, left knee pain, and pain in my feet. I have fewer headaches, less ringing in my ears, improved balance, and my ability to walk has improved. I have less foot pain, finger pain, and less low back pain. I have an increased quality of sleep, fewer sinus issues, an improved ability to deal with stress, increased energy levels, and improved mood. I have an increased ability to focus/concentrate, increased creative activity, improved emotional control, increased ability to learn new things, increased ease of bodily function, increased awareness of my lifestyle and how it impacts my health, increased sense of wellbeing/happiness, and others have noticed the increase in my level of energy, health, and happiness. I am so thankful I found Dr. Schneider. My life has been changed by chiropractic and I would recommend Dr. Schneider to anyone having similar issues.


I first came to see Dr. Schneider for neck pain and lower back pain. Since beginning my care, I have noticed improvements beyond my neck and lower back pain. I have better balance and fewer colds. I have less tension in my shoulders, my lightheadedness is better, and I have less numbness/tingling in my feet and hands. I have also noticed improvements in my anxiety. I have an increased ability to focus/concentrate, increased quality of sleep, improved relationships, increased energy/stamina, increased ease of bodily function and increased ability to adapt to change. I definitely recommend Dr. Schneider to my friends and family. My mother also receives chiropractic care from Dr. Schneider.


I was referred to Dr. Schneider by my daughter since I had previously had chiropractic care before we moved. I was diagnosed with MS in 1992. At one point, my MS had gotten so bad that I had to use a walker. I was wheelchair bound and I had to rely on others to help me get my hair done. Chiropractic changed my life because when I found it, I was able to get my life back. I'm now able to do all the projects around my home that I want to get done and I am able to exercise and do yoga. My primary issue when I came to see Dr. Schneider was neck pain, right shoulder pain, and right leg pain. I have had many improvements since I began my chiropractic care. I have fewer headaches, less tension in my shoulder, and less lower back pain.


I began seeing Dr. Schneider shortly after my husband began his care with him. My primary issues were hip pain radiating up and down my thighs, which caused my to have trouble walking, neck pain, and lower back pain. The numbness/tingling in my back, neck pain, hip pain, tension in my shoulders, mid-back pain, and low back pain have all improved. I have better circulation, and my balance and ability to walk are better. I have fewer sinus issues and better joint mobility. My husband and I have both made improvements towards improving our health including regular adjustments and exercising regularly. We are even training for our first 5K!


I've known Dr. Schneider from our participation in the International Chiropractic Association as state representatives. I represent Indiana and he represents North Carolina. I have also worked with him the last 3 years at the Official Strongman Games in Raleigh. His unique skill set and dedication make him a real asset to his community and the profession as well. Be smart. Take advantage of his vast experience and benefit from what he can offer you and your family in terms of first-class, high-quality, effective care!

Dr. Todd McDougal Indiana State Representative, ICA

I had terrible headaches when I first sought care from Dr. Schneider. Not only have my headaches improved, but I have had many other improvements too. My low back pain, anxiety, neck pain, mid back pain, and menstrual cycle issues have all improved. My hands do not fall asleep as often, and I have less numbness/tingling in my arms & hands. I have recommended Dr. Schneider to my family and friends. Both of my children also receive care from Dr. Schneider. My daughter used to have strep throat constantly, but now that she is receiving care, she never has it.


I've known Dr. Schneider for most of the 35 years that he's been in practice and I can say that he provides top-notch care, gets great results, is honest, and sincerely cares about his patients. He's spent many hours in additional study so he can bring the best to his patients. He's represented the International Chiropractic Association on multiple occasions at the Official Strongman Games and serves as the state representative for the ICA in NC. His help has been invaluable. In closing, I would strongly urge you or anyone you know that is seeking the care of a skilled, experienced Doctor of Chiropractic, to see him. You'll be glad you did.

Dr. George Curry ICA President

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