Kay’s story:

I came to see Dr. Schneider for neck pain radiating into my shoulder.

I have had many improvements since beginning my care. I have less dizziness and light headedness. The tension in my shoulders and neck pain has improved. I have less numbness/tingling in my arms and hands and my balance is better. I have less hand/finger pain, low back pain, and fewer sinus issues. My frequency of colds has decreased and I have more energy.

My ability to focus has improved, I handle stress better, I have an increased awareness of my lifestyle and how it impacts my health, I have an increased sense of well-being/happiness, and an increased ease of bodily function. My quality of sleep has also improved.

I have referred my family members to Dr. Schneider and would recommend him to anyone having similar problems.

Robert’s story:

I came to Dr. Schneider because I suffered from chronic low back pain and neck stiffness. 

I have noticed improvement in my low back pain, neck pain, and tension in my shoulders. I have better balance and my ability to walk has improved.

My mood has improved, I have more energy, I have improved relationships, increased quality of sleep, and I have noticed an increased awareness of my lifestyle and how it impacts my health.

Because of my care with Dr. Schneider, I have been able to travel and do the things that make me happy.

Alicia’s story:

I came to Dr. Schneider with neck and shoulder pain/tension, carpel tunnel, numbness in both feet, and left shoulder pain.

In my first month, the numbness and tingling I experienced in my hands and feet improved, and continued to do so in the following months. My low back pain, headaches, and shoulder pain/tension felt increasingly better. My neck pain, mid-back pain, and hand/finger pain all improved. Other things I have noticed are less acid reflux and my irritable bowel syndrome is better. I have less dizziness and my balance has improved. I sleep better and have fewer sinus issues and allergies.

I have less anxiety and depression and my mood has improved as I gained better emotional control. I have also experienced an increase in joint mobility and have better bodily function since coming here. I have an increased ability to focus/concentrate, increased creative activity, improved relationships, increased ability to adapt to change, increased awareness of my lifestyle and how it impacts my health, increased sense of well-being/happiness and others notice an increase in my level of energy, health, and happiness.

Jessica’s story:

I came to Dr. Schneider upon the recommendation from my father. I suffered with chronic low back pain, neck discomfort with pain traveling to my shoulders, hip and knee pain, and headaches.

Throughout the course of my care, my back pain and headaches have improved. I am sleeping better and have more energy than before. I have an increased ease of bodily function, increased ability to focus/concentrate, improved mood, and increased creative activity.Our Patients Speak:

Kenneth’s Story

Posted: June 30, 2016By: Dr. Bruce Schneider

I began seeing Dr. Schneider for pain and stiffness in my neck, shoulders, and lower back.

I have noticed improvements in my neck pain, mid-back pain, and joint mobility. It is easier to walk, I have less shortness of breath, my mood has improved, and my energy level has increased. I have also noticed less reflux and sinus issues since beginning my care.

I have an increased peace of mind, increased clarity of thought/ability to focus/creativity, increased quality of sleep, improved memory, improved emotional control, improved relationships, increased ease of bodily function, increased ability to adapt to change, increased awareness of my own lifestyle and how it impacts my health, and an increased sense of well-being/happiness.

Since beginning my care, I have started stretching, exercising, and walking more often. I am looking forward to maintaining a healthy and quality lifestyle as I get older and continuing to participate in the activities that give my life meaning.

I have noticed significant improvement in my entire body. Frequent exercise and adjustments are GREAT for the mind, body, and spirit.

The Ruppels

Posted: April 7, 2015By: Dr Bruce Schneider

My journey began with apprehension about going to a chiropractor. I first saw Schneider Chiropractic at a craft fair I attended. I decided after being a patient for sciatica and neck pain and finding great relief that my children might benefit from receiving care from Dr. Schneider. I have seen so many changes in the boys since we began receiving care.

When Aaron began his care, his number one problems were Asperger’s and lack of sleep. He also had headaches, stomach pains, outbursts in school, and self-control issues. Addison had allergies, some sleep issues, he was not talking very much, and he was doing poorly at school.

After the 1st of the year, I noticed changes in Aaron such as a better mood, fewer outbursts, and he was getting along with others. Addison started sleeping with less trouble and not crying as much about going to school. He began talking a bit more and focusing on his school work.

By the end of January, both boys had improved greatly and other people were beginning to notice. Aaron’s principals and teachers all commented on how he caused less commotion in class, the hallways, and the cafeteria. He was also going to the office less for aches and pains and causing less disruption while in the office. Addison’s teachers all commented on how well he was doing and how he was completing all of his work on time. He even made the A/B honor roll. He began to talk more and interact with the other kids. He would tell me about the kids at school and all the things they would do.

Our lives changed from the first moment I stepped into the office. We have been receiving care for 3 months now. Aaron sleeps much better with fewer disruptions in the middle of the night. His migraines and aches have pretty much gone away. There’s less arguing in the house and more harmony between us. His grades have improved from C/D’s to straight A’s at the time of progress reports. Addison has made great strides from not talking to most people to becoming a chatter box. He has gone from failing and hating school to making the A/B honor roll and friends.

My boys are happy and thriving for the first time. Each day something new is emerging from them. They are truly becoming the young boys they were meant to be!