Meet the Doctor

Okay…here’s all the standard stuff everyone posts on their website. Honestly, I don’t think folks really care about this stuff. It’s boring, self-promoting…”I did this, I did that, I got this award”…you’ve heard it all before. I wouldn’t even bother with this stuff, but my website designer said…do it anyway. So, I am apologizing in advance. Here it is. 

I have served the Greater Cleveland Area of Garner, Clayton, and Raleigh for over 20 years and has been helping people improve their health for over 35 years. I opened the first Chiropractic office in this area, located in the Swift Creek Shopping Center, off of I-40, exit 312.

I was a founding board member of the Greater Cleveland Chamber of Commerce. Our office has done an annual Thanksgiving food drive for a local food bank and Christmas toy drive for our local school children for over 30 years.

I am the NC State Representative of the International Chiropractic Association. I am also an active member of the ICA Council on Pediatrics, I take care of strength athletes at the Official Strongman Games in Raleigh, and received my Diplomate degree in Applied Chiropractic Sciences and certification in the treatment of whiplash & spinal trauma. Are you still awake? I told you this stuff is boring.

Finally..I have comprehensive knowledge of many Chiropractic methods. Most folks have no idea what these techniques are, but they do require a lot of personal time and training to understand and utilize effectively: Activator Instrument technique, Diversified manual adjusting, Sacro-occipital technique,Direct Non-force technique, Cranial work, spinal decompression, Drop-table technique, Bio-cranial technique… to name a few. Because no two patients are the same, they usually require different approaches.

So, getting back to the long list of techniques…why should you care? For one reason and one reason only. The more tools the doctor has at his disposal, the better equipped they are to handle difficult cases. You may not see your problem as a difficult case, but if I had a choice, I’d rather see someone who is experienced in dealing with difficult cases. Make sense? So…you should know… I like difficult cases.

So, I’m done talking about I, me & myself. I know, what a relief. Now it’s time to find out about you, what you’re dealing with, what
you’re looking for…what can be done to help YOU feel better and enjoy your life more! Call me and we’ll make time for that to happen.