Breathe Easy! How Chiropractic Can Improve Your Respiratory Function

August 16, 2023

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Between seasonal allergies in the autumn and increased risk of pneumonia in colder months, respiratory function becomes a serious concern for many folks. The link between the lungs and chiropractic care isn’t immediately evident to most.

This is why we want to clearly understand how the body’s systems are connected through the nervous system.

Interference to the Nerves That Control Respiration

The organs and glands get instructions from the brain via the nerves. All of these systems send enormous amounts of data back to the brain to be processed.

If there is any interference in this communication loop, there is dysfunction. This often occurs in the spinal cord, which is a bundle of thousands of nerve fibers, and is protected by the individual moveable joints of the spine. Strands of these fibers exit the spinal cord between the vertebrae and go out to the rest of the body.

Interference happens when the nerves are irritated because of pressure and inflammation. We call this a vertebral subluxation when the position of the vertebrae is causing or contributing to this nerve irritation, often because the joint isn’t moving properly.

Like most of us, nerves don’t work as well under pressure.

Dysfunction and a lack of communication ultimately lead to discomfort and disease. This can result in any number of symptoms and conditions, including respiratory distress. While mainstream medical doctors often treat the symptoms, the source is rarely traced back to the nervous system.

How Can Chiropractic Improve Respiratory Function?

Posture Correction

Did you know that improved posture can also benefit the respiratory system? A BioMed Research International study found that respiratory function also improved when posture was enhanced in healthy young men.

Think about inflating a balloon while smashing it between your hands.  When we are hunched over or slumped forward, our lungs don’t expand as fully.

Poor posture, which has become a habit over decades, isn’t usually something that can be corrected by thought and willpower. Regular chiropractic care can help to reposition the spine and retrain the nervous system to hold the alignment.

However, we cannot turn back the clock if arthritis has begun to deteriorate the joints over the years. It’s important to be checked and adjusted as needed as young as possible!

Improved Nerve Flow

As mentioned above, when the nerves that control the lungs and respiration rate are irritated, our lung function suffers.

We aren’t able to adapt as well to seasonal allergies, dander, and other air-borne pollutants. Our lungs may be more susceptible to infections.

Chiropractors are uniquely trained to identify where there is a subluxation and then adjust the vertebrae to reduce the irritation and improve the nerve flow.

Improving Parasympathetic Responses

It’s well-documented that our breathing is affected by our emotional and mental health. Stress can cause an asthma attack, for example.

Chiropractic care helps the nervous system to more easily switch into a restful and calm parasympathetic state, where our breathing and heart rate slow.

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Disclaimer: The information provided in this blog is for educational purposes only and should not be used as a substitute for professional medical advice or treatment. Always consult with your healthcare provider before starting any new health-related practices.


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